Aperçu et impression


Aperçu et impression


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Obtain an import Permit - Biosecurity Port Vila  (3) expand_more expand_less
Obtain Concession 220 - Charitable Donation Concession  (2) expand_more expand_less
Obtaining bill of lading at Port Vila seaport  (1) expand_more expand_less
Customs and Biosecurity clearance at Port Vila seaport  (3) expand_more expand_less
Releasing cargo at Port Vila seaport  (3) expand_more expand_less

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Résumé de la procédure

Institutions 6 expand_more expand_less

Biosecurity Vanuatu (x 3)
Shipping Agent
Customs Broker
Single Window Team
Customs Border and Enforcement Office
Lapetasi International Container Terminal (x 3)

Résultats 5 expand_more expand_less

Plant Import Permit
Import Condition
Payment receipt - Biosecurity
Delivery note
Container in your facility

Required Documents expand_more expand_less

Bill of Lading - Port Vila
Import Permit Request form - Biosecurity (x 3)
Phytosanitary certificate of the exporter country (x 2)
Invoice (Shipping agent)
Arrival notice
Commercial Invoice (x 2)
Packing List (x 2)
Bill of lading (w/shipping agent stamp) (x 2)
Bill of lading (w/port stamp) (x 2)
Assessment - VSEA
Bill of lading (w/biosecurity stamp)
Container release - Port Vila (x 2)
import invoice - IPDS
Release Order - VSEA
Receipt - port services

Estimated cost Vanuatu Vatu  1,000

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VUV expand_more expand_less
  • VUV Add Name Here
This is an estimate based on a series of assumptions which you can modify to calculate your own costs:

Détails du coût

Calculer les coûts

Vanuatu Vatu 0 -
Vanuatu Vatu  3,000 par Certificate
Inspection certificate for artifacts, timber and furniture for commercial use.
Vanuatu Vatu 0 -
Vanuatu Vatu  1,500 par Cubic metre
Fumigation of Timber with methyl Bromide at a quarantine station.
Vanuatu Vatu 0 -
Vanuatu Vatu  3,000 par Consignment
Inspection of export or import of timber poles, plywood or other timber products for personal use.
Vanuatu Vatu 0 -
Vanuatu Vatu  2,000 par Per container
Destination Port Service Fee
Vanuatu Vatu 0 -
Vanuatu Vatu  5,500 par 
per bill of lading, Agency Handling Fee
Vanuatu Vatu 0 -
Vanuatu Vatu  15,000 par Per container
Equipment Handling
Vanuatu Vatu 0 -
Vanuatu Vatu  25,000 par Per container
Container Bond
Vanuatu Vatu 500
Customs Processing Fee
Vanuatu Vatu 500
Single Window System Processing Fee

Total Duration 2 j - 9 j expand_more expand_less

  min max
Durée totale: 2 j 9 j
Files d'attente (cumul): 20mn 1h. 10mn
Temps au guichet: 40mn 2h.
Attente entre les étapes (cumul): 2 j 8 j
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